Friday, June 8, 2012


Prepare your life for good things to come by putting good into the Universe. I am always amazed when people say things like "I just don't get it, I am surrounded by people who are angry," or "How do I meet all the jerks?" Guess what? You get what you put out there! Your energy attracts things to you so if you are in constant drama, don't blame others, you are bringing that to your own world with your words, actions and thoughts. If you are always in conflict, start thinking about how YOU can let things go. If you are surrounded by negative people, start being more positive. If your co-workers aren't doing their job, make sure you are doing yours above and beyond! Hold yourself accountable for YOUR behavior, not everyone elses. ALL of your life experiences can be changed by altering our OWN attitudes and behaviors. So today, cultivate joy, happiness, peace and abundance and this is what you will enjoy and Live Inspired Now!

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