Thursday, June 28, 2012

Support kids by letting them learn from experience...

Sheltering children from pain doesn't protect them from the world, in fact it makes them more vulnerable. Instead, teach children how to deal with pain and disappointment in a healthy way. Teach them to communicate their true feelings, teach them to allow themselves time to feel badly and then to move forward without carrying the baggage of past huts with them! This will teach children how to overcome challenges without giving up on them, it will equip them with the skills they need to persevere in life. Toddlers fall down so many times before they ever learn to walk... you wouldn't hold them back from learning to walk because they might fall. So continue to allow them to "fall" as they get older, these are life lessons that shape their destiny and make them stronger and more capable. So today, don't protect your child from natural consequences, allow them to learn valuable lessons that only come from experience and Live Inspired Now!

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