Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm your parent, not your friend!

My friend Chris and I were swapping parenting stories the other day and she said something that inspired this post. She said she told her daughter: “I expect you to be a teenager so you better expect me to be the Mom!” That quote is perfect and I fully agree! I work with so many parents that want to be friends with their teens but that is unrealistic. Friendly yes, but friends NO. As a parent you have to do the hard work of sometimes being the bad guy, setting guidelines and telling kids no when needed. You cannot skew the boundaries with kids because kids by nature test limits and push boundaries. If they don’t know where the lines are, they are sure to cross them. It is hard enough to parent in this day and age when there are so many outside forces influencing kids, they need to have one place (home) where they know their role, they fit in, get unconditional love and acceptance as well as structure, stability and consequences. I work with kids all the time that actually crave some sort of structure because their home life is so loose and there are no boundaries. So today, let your kids know that you are the parent and they should expect you to be the “Mom or Dad” and do whatever it takes to keep them safe and healthy and Live Inspired Now!


  1. i feel the same im 17 and my mother was hard on me and my older sister but not my little she has no rules no curfew just yells at my mom and i scream at my mother be her mother seriously and she is like no shes ok she doesnt need strict rules!!! i have had it w this bull shit

    1. Hey Priceless Moments... hang in there! Being a teenager is a tough job these days... but you can handle it! ;) You sound like me when I was your age... my little sis was spoiled! But I turned out great!
      Hang in there sweet pea!! :)