Thursday, May 31, 2012

Become indispensable

Just how do you become indispensable? By taking an interest in OTHER people! Make people feel more comfortable and welcomed around you by asking questions about what they do, listening to their stories and taking notice of things that are important to them. For example: Bringing your co-worker a cup of coffee is nice but who is it serving? Bringing your co-worker a cup of coffee, with the extra espresso shot, 2 sugars and a touch of whole milk that he likes is actually serving HIM because you took the time to notice how he likes it. It is obvious to people when you really make an effort to notice them or learn more about them and people appreciate the extra mile. Everyone LOVES a "people person," so today, take a genuine interest in other people and Live Inspired Now!


  1. Did I mess up your tea order again this morning? ;o)

  2. LOL. You can do NO wrong in my book husband!!! ;) xoxoxo