Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's talk about sex!

OK folks... now is your chance to look away because it is about to get very real! ;) So let's talk about sex... with the kids! I believe in talking open and honestly with kids about sex and intimacy. They need to know and they need to know whats accurate, not what they hear on the school bus. I am always astounded when I hear older teens telling me what they think they know about sexual relations... including "You can't get pregnant if you go to the bathroom after" or "If I don't have sex then I won't get a boyfriend... all boys have to have sex, that is just how it is." OMG.... REALLY??? Who is talking to these kids? Please talk to your children, start when they are young. Tell them how everything works, tell them what your moral value is on the subject. I also tell my children (because NOBODY says this and it is important) that masturbation is natural and normal! I personally don't think children should be having sex, I don't feel that they are emotionally or physically ready to handle it. Some kids are so desperate to feel love and connection that they have sex and when the relationship ends, they feel hopeless, they know they have lost an experience that they should have waited to share. The guidelines that I tell my kids are, you must be in a long term healthy committed relationship with one partner and be out of high school. Until then, I encourage them to "take care of their own needs" because I realize that they still have raging hormones and lots of sexual desires. When they are able to take care of their own needs they never have to worry about disease or pregnancy or the emotional pain associated with growing up too fast. Also... when speaking with kids about sex, use the proper words. Studies show that kids who are confident and knowledgeable about sex and their own bodies are less likely to be molested or abused because they know what is appropriate and not. Protect kids with knowledge about sex, help them make healthy choices, don't act like its something embarrassing to talk about so they will feel comfortable coming to you and set the moral guidelines for what you feel is acceptable. So today.... talk about sex with your kids (if you don't, the wrong person might) and Live Inspired Now!

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