Monday, May 7, 2012

Plans worth making....

Plans worth making are plans worth keeping! If you make plans with someone stick to them. Too often I see people making all sorts of plans but then blow them off. Other people are counting on you and when you cancel your plans it might tell them that they are not important enough for you to show up. Sometimes people commit themselves to something scary or out of the box then back out at the last minute... again, you might be letting more than yourself down! Things happen and sometimes we have to cancel something, but let that be the exception not the rule. Plans worth making are plans worth keeping... so today, keep your plans and Live Inspired Now!

1 comment:

  1. Growing up I had a friend that rarely kept her word, turned out her mom and dad were the same way. So with that I have to agree with you that in general it is a virtuous strength to commit, especially being a parent, for the example expressed can continue from generation to generation.
    As you I choose to live inspired!
    Be Passionate! Rain (Rain Dropps)