Friday, May 4, 2012

Watch a storm!

I took Harry out for his birthday yesterday after school. We had an awesome time playing mini golf and eating at his favorite place, the Waffle Frolic. The weather was perfect and sunny until.... a storm rolled in while we were at the grocery store! The sky turned dark nearly instantly, the clouds were ominous, the air was thick and heavy while the wind began to pick up. We put the top up on the convertible and headed home. About 5 minutes later we got caught in a major hail storm with hail the size of golf balls! It started just as we crept up Stone Quarry Rd which runs up one of the steepest hills around. With a hill on one side of us and a cliff on the other, the hail relentlessly pelted the car and the fog was so thick we literally could see nothing. I couldn't pull over because I was afraid to slide off the cliff side so I just very slowly continued my way to the top where I knew a hotel was and they had a valet over hang that I could park under. We made it to the hotel where we sat for about 25 minutes or so until the hail stopped. I have never seen anything like that! It was so scary but it is certainly a birthday event Harry won't soon forget! While we were in the hotel lot, we took some videos of the lightening. None of the videos fully represent the intensity of the storm and the awesomeness of the lightening, but this one shows the cool bolts shooting across the sky. So today, watch a storm, they are super cool (as long as you are not stuck driving in them) and Live Inspired Now!

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