Saturday, May 26, 2012

YOU are hypnotized.... YES YOU!

Have you ever been hypnotized? YES, YES you have!!! How you ask? Well have you ever noticed that driving down the road you can sing along to every song on the radio? You know the words but if someone were to pick one of the songs and ask you to sing it later when the music wasn't on you would not be able to. That is hypnosis my friends! With that in mind, what types of things are in your sub conscious that may not be healthy? When you listen to music with hateful lyrics, or watch television that is full of violence, or even just listen to Carol Complainer every day at work, you are putting sub conscious information into your brain that stays there even if you aren't thinking about it. Protect yourself from negative hypnosis by listening to positive music and avoiding as much violence and negativity as possible. (The news hypnotizes us into believing the world is this big horrible unsafe place.) So today, put positive influences into your
sub conscious and Live Inspired Now!

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