Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Encourage Encourage Encourage...

I am so excited! This week we are talking about philanthropy in school. I have always encouraged my students (and everyone else) to give beyond themselves, to find their purpose and to set standards for accomplishing their purpose driven goals. So yesterday, one of my students came in and told me all about his plans to start an organization that would encourage kids to be themselves no matter who they are. To be comfortable and safe and free from bullying no matter how they express themselves as an individual. He was going to sell his video games to raise money and buy rubber bracelets to promote his cause! What an awesome kid!!
My point in all this is that kids have big huge amazing ideas, some have small brilliant ideas, either way, encourage them! When a kid comes to you with an idea, don't say "oh that will never work" or dismiss them as too young to be relevant. Amazing kids all over the world are starting charities, inventing new things, revolutionizing products and even solving paradoxical questions! So today, encourage a kid, just tell them to "make it happen kid," stand back and watch them be amazing and Live Inspired Now!

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