Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Evil thoughts... so what!!!

Guess what? Everyone has evil thoughts some times! Yes, everyone! It doesn't make you crazy, bad, evil or anything other than human! Bad thoughts happen to the best of us, don't beat yourself up for it. When bad thoughts happen, tell yourself that you are human and you are having these feelings as a reaction to something. Perhaps something upset you, scared you, made you anxious or maybe there was no reason that you are aware of. Acknowledge that you are capable of bad thoughts and also acknowledge that this doesn't make you a bad person. "My thoughts are just thoughts, they possess no physical matter and I don't act upon them if they are not healthy. I am not my thoughts, they are just a by product of being human. I am a human capable of evil thoughts just as I am capable of amazing, beautiful, happy thoughts and actions as well." Once you come to terms with being human, you can re-focus your attention on gratitude, or love, or happiness, or just think of a fond memory. ( YOU are no more evil than the adorable little kitty in the picture above!! )
I hear from teens all the time that beat themselves up for having "evil thoughts." Somehow they think it makes them bad and that they are the only ones on earth who think bad things. Please let your children ( or yourself if it applies ) know that they are amazing and valuable and beautiful and most of all human. So today, think your evil thoughts, accept that its a human trait, re-focus on something positive and Live Inspired Now!

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