Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A confession...

Today, make a confession and Live Inspired Now!

Here is my confession:

Yesterday, like all days, I was not perfect. I decided to go without makeup (never happens) because I am sunburned. I was rained on twice yesterday and my hair frizzed out and during my daily hike, I got all gross and sweaty. So with no makeup and frizzy hair, I went through my day feeling slightly disheveled but still pretty good. Until.....
Two friends hurt my feelings by making comments about my body and another person told me I looked ill. So the rainy day, the hurt feelings, the inconsiderate comments and emotions won yesterday. I felt defeated and hurt and then felt bad about myself for not being strong enough to NOT care what other people said about me. It was a double whammy!
But one crappy day can't ruin my amazing life!! So last night, my very awesome husband made me chocolate brownies and brought me a brownie with dulce de leche ice cream on top, drizzled with caramel sauce. I let him take care of me and I confess, it made it all better.


  1. You are not your hair, you are not your make up and I'd reconsider who you think your friends are! Your husband knows this! It is not what people do that make a difference. It is how they make us feel. No matter that it needs your co-operation to feel good or bad. Choose to be a round people who actively want to make you feel good - with or without makeup and including frizzy hair!