Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something you don't know about me.......

Today, tell people something they don't know about you and find out something you might not know about them! This is a really fun social activity that allows you to get to know people better, you might even learn something about someone you thought you knew everything about! Ask your spouse or kids to tell you something you might not know about them.... this could get interesting! So today, share your "what you don't know about me story" and Live Inspired Now!

Here is something you might not know about me:

I very much dislike hamsters! I had hamsters as a kid and they ate my favorite shirt! It was sitting next to their cage and they pulled it in and chewed holes in it. My dad then made them an amazing plexi-glass home, it was very large and had 2 levels. I did a report on the hamsters for science class and I brought them to school in their new see-through home. During my report, in front of the entire class, the hamsters DID it... yes IT!!! Let me tell you... that is something that could ruin a 7th grader! Then, a short time after that, a few weeks or months... I came home from school and heard an ominous sound. I looked all over the house for this noise that sounded like cereal crunching.... I found the sound. It was the hamsters, they had babies and were eating them. OHHHHH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!! That was IT! I was so upset, I had no idea they would have babies, let alone eat them. It was one of the most disgusting and gruesome things I had ever seen. Well, after that, the hamsters were re-homed. I love animals, but I am NO fan of hamsters!

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