Monday, July 15, 2013

You have NO idea who you truly are.......

The labels we give ourselves are illusions. We are nothing more than one another. We are all energy, derived from the same place, completely connected to everything and everyone else. While we are here, occupying "bodies" we have the ability to choose how we use that energy. For good, bad, love, hate, kindness, compassion, resentment, or anger. No matter how you choose to use your energy in your time here, you are no different than anyone else and only responsible for yourself.
The labels we give ourselves are a reflection of our egos, not our true state of consciousness. It is no different than when our mothers gave us different colored cups. Green for me and blue for my sister. The color of the cup let us know which was ours so there would be no fighting about cups. However, when one of us would want to harass the other, it was now clear how to do it.... drink from the wrong cup. The same is true in life, we give ourselves labels so that we stand out, fit in, feel proud, identify with something better, embrace our heritage, or even to feel powerful. Again, this is just an illusion that feeds the ego. You are so much more than your surface identity or label. These labels more often divide us and keep a wall up that prevents us from embracing and appreciating one another as well as learning to work together toward a common goal.... such as peace for example.
We are all energy, completely connected to one another and to the Universe. Too many people constrict their own potential or abilities because of labels. You are not a black man, a strong woman, a disabled person, a white guy, an army vet, an alcoholic, a ballerina, a stock broker, a homeless bum, a nerd, a jock, or any other label you claim. You may want to identify your physical body with identifiable characteristics but don't disregard your true essence. You, like everyone, are energy with form, perfectly designed to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You have more ability and purpose than you realize... release the labels and embrace possibilities!
The ego loves labels but your spirit loves consciousness; awaken your spirit, try new things, figure out what you are truly capable of, and Live Inspired Now!

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