Friday, July 12, 2013

Control kills relationships

The moment you try to control someone, you lose the ability to appreciate them. I often hear from people in relationships that their significant other is trying to control them. Maybe by checking up on them continuously, telling them what to say and do, or even by spying or sneaking through their things. If you feel the need to do these things, then you probably should not be in a relationship! If your "loved one" is the type of person to cheat, lie, or manipulate, then make a better choice in partners. If they are honest and trustworthy but you continue to try and control them, they will eventually leave.
The excuse that you have been hurt, cheated on, or used in the past in not a valid reason to mistreat the person you are currently with. Do not make your loved one pay the price for the sins of your EX. Stop looking for the ways your partner is trying to hurt you and start looking at ways to make them feel loved! You are likely to have a much more honest and pure relationship if you focus on honesty, giving, and loving because the other person will always feel loved and appreciated and never want to leave or hurt you. However, if you continue on a path of jealousy, mistrust, dishonesty and control, you are guaranteeing a shorter lived relationship entirely centered in disharmony. You don't want a chaotic, complicated relationship with fleeting moments of happiness. You want a loving, passion filled relationship that can withstand fleeting moments of challenge. If you prefer the chaos and unhappiness, then perhaps, you are not ready for a mature relationship and should do some self discovery.
No matter what you do or where you are, you have to live with yourself and your thoughts; make them healthy or be a prisoner in your own mind. Relationships are not about anger, resentment or control. Let go and free yourself to love, laugh, and truly enjoy the person you are with...... as well as yourself, and Live Inspired Now!

Please feel free to contact me if you need help getting past negative emotions so you can move forward into a healthy relationship.

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