Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Ways to Learn Patience..... um, well......

Today I will test my patience... and maybe yours! lol. So I wanted to write about patience today but several things are hindering my post. My photo program crashed so I can't add my website to the picture above. (Small detail I know, but integral to my marketing plan! lol) Then, I miscalculated my morning and am officially out of time before I have to leave for an appointment. Lastly, my biggest challenge in patience.... I will be spending the day with 7+ kids in our old (empty) house trying to get it clean and mow the lawn so it will be ready for the new buyers!
So to test YOUR patience.... I will not be posting my article 5 ways to maintain patience until tomorrow! :) Will you be patient and return tomorrow? I hope so because I think I will have some very valuable information to share after I have thoroughly tested my patience today! Have a super day folks... please come back tomorrow and learn how to have more patience and Live Inspired Now!

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