Monday, July 22, 2013

The cost of inaction in YOUR life......

What is the cost of inaction in your life? Does it mean you will lose a relationship because you never showed the other person how much they mean to you. Does it mean that you stay overweight and develop diabetes because you never exercised and lost weight? Does it mean you stayed "depressed" because you never hired a coach or did any personal development?

How much is your story worth? Are you saying things like "I can't afford that workshop" or "I will never have enough money to do what I really want." The price of inaction is far greater than the amount of money it costs to learn something new and improve your life! The cost of inaction is unhappiness. Money comes and goes, it flows in and out of your life but when you refuse to spend it on things that will enhance your life, you are creating a plug that stops the free flowing nature of money. I am not saying to go and spend like crazy, I am saying INVEST in things that will enhance your life and create more flow. Such as: personal growth and development, classes or workshops, or hiring professional consultants to help you reach your life goals.

Stop sitting on your ass waiting for the right time to do things...
NOW is the time to hire the coach!
NOW is the time to lose the weight!
NOW is the time to create the life you love!
NOW is the time to do some personal development and change your thinking!
NOW is the time to get your life back!
NOW is the time to: (INSERT YOUR GOALS HERE!!!)

Whatever you have NOT been doing... NOW is the time to do it. Stop trying to sell your story of inaction and start creating your amazing life. No matter what you want to do, there is a way to make it happen. Find mentors or people who have achieved what you want, invest in YOUR life, love, and happiness, hire a professional to guide you and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Contact me today if YOU are ready to stop the excuses and start your fabulous life!

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