Friday, July 5, 2013

I tried depression... didn't like it....

I was depressed once; then I remembered who I was and what I loved, and I was cured. I love this quote by Mark Epstein: "Depressed people think they know themselves, but maybe they only know depression." This quote really speaks to me because many many years ago, I thought I was depressed too, but I really had lost touch with my true self. I had allowed my circumstances to rule my emotions and rather than changing, I slowly let myself slip away. Over time, I forgot how much I loved to laugh, I forgot the intense joy I felt when helping others, I forgot how good I could feel if I took care of myself, I forgot how much I enjoyed walking outside in nature, I even forgot how much I loved to dress up and feel pretty. Nobody had done this to me, nothing had taken my joy away, yet I had lost so much, I blamed others, and I felt "depressed" and unhappy with the way my life was. 
Then one day, in a magical moment, I remembered who I was and what I loved. It hit me instantly, a brief moment of clarity and I was flooded with memories of how much I loved to laugh and to cry! I had not done either in some time, I had been living life completely numbed out, like a zombie. I blamed others for my circumstances, I didn't think love was real and I numbed out on a low dosage of Zoloft because my doctor told me I was "depressed,"  and I believed him.
That very day, with my moment of clarity, I sped home, dumped the Zoloft in the toilet and never took another pill again! I also stopped drinking soda, stopped eating meat, started to exercise, started listening to high energy music, learned to meditate, hired a personal trainer, dumped the cheaters, abusers and negative people from my life, and moved on!
It is not always an instant epiphany that jolts you from your "depression." For some people, it might be slow but the point is to recognize those moments of clarity and act on them! When you catch yourself remembering your joy and happiness, don't suppress it, embrace and encourage it. Nobody can stop you from feeling good except for you! Make a decision to climb out of the mire and get your life back! Some things will take time but the decision to change happens in an instant. Start today and see how different your life looks in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from now. Stay stuck and you can still be wishing for change in a year...... let TODAY be the day you free yourself from depression, negativity, and self abuse. Start laughing, loving, be YOU again and Live Inspired Now!

Need help? Contact me today and learn the ways to make it happen! Clinical depression is real and can be treated. However, most "depression" today is misdiagnosed and is actually a learned pattern of many bad habits. Habitual depression can be cured with behavior modification, and a desire for change. I look forward to teaching YOU the tools to change your life!

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