Monday, July 8, 2013

Guarantee your kids have healthy relationships...

My12 year old Carrie had a friend over recently to spend the night. After returning Carries friend back home, her mom texted me to tell me that her daughter said of her visit: "I love how in love Thad and Heather are!" How sweet is it that a 12 year old young lady can appreciate a couple in love. It warmed my heart and of course got me thinking....
I spent years as a single mother, my kids never really got to see me in a relationship until a few years ago when Thad and I got together. I am so grateful to be an example of how to have a loving, compassionate, unselfish relationship for my kids.
If you are in a bad relationship, SO ARE YOUR KIDS! They hear, see, feel, and will emulate the relationship you model for them. Be sure that the relationship you have, is one that you would be OK with your kids having. Teach your children to have passion and be compassionate.
Set an example of passion by hugging, kissing, holding hands, smiling, laughing and sitting close or snuggling with one another. It is wonderful for kids to watch their parents happy!
Set an example of compassion by putting your spouses needs first, forgiving mistakes, avoid fighting, and speaking kindly to one another, and about one another.
Pass down the joy and happiness in your relationship to your kids, show them what to look forward to in their future relationships and Live Inspired Now!

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