Friday, July 19, 2013

What to do when falling in love....

Love love love! It is all I can think about today! Besides being in a perpetual state of "in love" myself, I love watching others fall in love. Falling in love is the most exciting, and potentially scary, place to be. There are so many uncertainties which can make you feel vulnerable. Vulnerability may either scare you or excite you depending upon your personality. If you are the type who likes things to always be in place, likes routine, and always wants to feel safe and secure, then vulnerability can be a very scary thing. If you are the type that likes adventure, change, and trying new things then vulnerability might feel very exciting to you.
If you are embarking on a new relationship, even if you are scared, allow yourself to open up to possibilities. Don't go into a new relationship holding on to the baggage of past break ups. If you do, you are sure to revisit those same "hurts" over and over again. Open up and make yourself vulnerable to the person you love, build your new relationship together, not around walls that already exist. Be completely honest with one another and build your new life on trust, compassion, and understanding. If you hold back, put up walls, and keep your new love at a safe distance, you will not build a lasting relationship. It may work for a short time, but long term it won't be able to withstand any challenges. So go forth, fall in love, but do it with a complete willingness to open yourself up to the right person and build your relationship on a solid foundation! Enjoy one another, embrace vulnerability, even if it scares you, and Live Inspired Now!

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