Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Success Tips For Speaking In Public!

Speaking in public can be pretty intimidating but just remember, at some point, we have all done it. You may not be at a podium in front of thousands of people, but maybe you have to speak at your office meeting, or in front of you child's class. Whomever the audience may be, you will want to be successful! Here is a quick list to get you over your jitters and get in front of the crowd!

1 Be prepared! The more you know your material, the better you will feel. Have you ever stumbled when someone asked you a question because you didn't have an answer? That won't happen if you know your subject and are well versed in your material! Always talk about what you know, then you won't get nervous about that "one question you hope they don't ask!" Also, practice your speech and role play questions and answers with someone. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be!

2 Imagine your positive outcome. Spend some quality time in quiet contemplation and visualize yourself being applauded after a job well done. Imagine how great it feels to have people really engaging with your words and listening so intently. Imagine them laughing, crying, gasping, or whatever would be an appropriate reaction to your speech. Smile and take a bow just as if you actually delivered your speech.

3 Instead of telling yourself how nervous you feel, remind yourself that you are excited! There is not much difference between the two emotions; however, your brain will respond far more positively to excited vs. nervous. Your brain believes the words your mouth says, so be sure you are using words of empowerment!

4 Get to your venue early! Arrive early and make yourself familiar with the room and the audience. If you are running late, it is sure to increase your anxiety about the event. You can't be too early, because you can always practice, network with people, or check microphones and other equipment to make sure everything is in good working order. 

5 Focus on your audience and the message you are giving them. They are there for you, they want you to be successful. Turn your anxiety or emotions off by focusing on giving the audience an amazing performance!

6 Hire a coach! Coaches are wonderful resources to help you overcome fears and to achieve ultimate success. Contact me today if you would like some support with public speaking or any other life challenge. Also, consider joining a wonderful group like Toastmasters. Toastmasters teaches leadership and competent communication. It is a self-paced and encouraging group and you will learn from the best!

So, whether you are delivering a moving speech at a medical convention, or leading a craft demonstration at your child's scout troop, try these tips to help you get your point across without all the nervousness and Live Inspired Now!

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