Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Have you ever made homemade pizza dough? If so, you know that when you are rolling it out, if you spread it too thin it will tear. The more you try and spread it to fit on your large pizza sheet, the more it tears. Then, if you try and rip some of the dough from the fatter pieces and make dough patches over the tears so you don't have holes in the middle of your crust, you will realize the patch doesn't stick well.

Besides learning that I can't make pizza crust very well, I hope you can see that life is also like the pizza dough. You can try to spread yourself thin by doing everything but all you end up doing is tearing yourself apart. You might try to apply dough patches by doing things that provide temporary comfort such as shopping, eating, drinking, gossiping, whining, or self sabotaging but you are just covering up the problem.
You may wish you could say yes to everything and everyone, but don't be tempted to spread yourself so thin that you start to hurt yourself. When you spread yourself thin, you can become resentful or angry because you feel overwhelmed or obligated to do everything. Practice saying "no," not only to other people but to yourself as well. It is OK to say no to things and it is OK to tell yourself that right now, you can't take on one more role, project, event, job, child, or whatever it is.
So today, assess whether or not you are spreading yourself too thin. Signs of this would be: excessive worrying, constantly saying "I'm too busy," feelings of frustration, hectic schedules, never saying no to anything, trouble sleeping, eating on the run all the time, or feeling under appreciated.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, take action! Here are some simple and effective fixes to get your started: Practice saying "no," take a vacation, learn to meditate, set aside a certain time each day just for you, schedule less, prepare meals in advance and stop to eat them, use more empowering words, listen to relaxing music, stop and take a break, hire a coach to help!
Stop spreading yourself too thin, you are not poorly made pizza dough, enjoy life and Live Inspired Now!

Heather Paris
Inspired Life Coach | Author | Speaker

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