Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Blogger: Mattie Paris age 16

Two summers ago my mom hosted an empowerment seminar and firewalk with Tony Simons, a local firewalker instructor. Tony and my mom, Heather, had us write down things that we wanted to overcome or 'break-through' on wooden boards. We then had to place the board on top of two cinder blocks and break them in half. Seeing all of the words I had written on the board; seeing them broken in half and everyone cheering me on, really helped.

I was so happy after I broke through my board, I could not stop smiling! Overcoming things that hurt you before or scared you, feels really good! I can tell you now that those things don't even cross my mind anymore. Next, we broke arrows with our necks. Yes, actual arrows! At first I couldn't break my arrow. I said I wasn't going to try again but then my dad stepped up and said he would do it if I did it with him. The whole time he held my hand and we cheered each other on. By the time I broke my arrow, tears were running down my face, not out of pain but wonder! I felt like I could accomplish anything in the world, which meant that I was ready for the fire walk.

Tony first had us walk around the fire while chanting and clapping. I thought it was really funny, but my sister Madison was so into it! Slowly one by one we walked across the hot coals, palms facing upward. I was smiling so much! This was awesome! After everything that happened that night, I felt like a brand new person.

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  1. This is inspiring. i'm glad that this experienced changed you as a new person. I hope you are proud and happy with who you are today,