Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A great way to stand out and start conversations....

Lately I am hearing that people are having difficulty making conversations with new people, or they don't know how to stand out in the crowd. Standing out is especially important for self employed people who have to make connections and build rapport in order to get new business.

A great way to stimulate conversation AND to stand out is to wear something that grabs attention. Some examples would be: a brightly colored scarf, a large sparkly brooch, a cartoon character tie, a hat, sequined shoes, or maybe some striking jewelry. There are limitless ideas, you just have to think about how much attention you want to grab! If you are attending a professional networking event, maybe a crazy tie is enough attention. If you are attending a party, maybe you can be more risque. It depends upon your comfort level and what you are trying to accomplish.

An attention grabbing accessory can ease you into a conversation. You might get a compliment on your scarf and you can tell a brief story about where you bought it, or maybe who gave it to you. Every single thing you have, has some sort of story attached to it and this is a great way to break into a nice talk with someone new.

So today, find your way to stand out! Think about what you have on and relate some stories to it. Be prepared to ask questions about other people too. Build new relationships, stand out in the crowd and Live Inspired Now!

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