Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 Tips to Stay INSPIRED and kick fears ASS!

Inspiration is a force, influence, or idea that makes you want to do or create something. NEVER let your fears keep you from wanting to do, create, or experience something! Here are a few tips to stay inspired and keep your fears in check:

1. Keep people who inspire you close. Avoid negative people who don't want to believe in your dreams. Join groups of like-minded people and network to meet others like you. Surround yourself with others who are working toward similar goals, or at least people who are wildly motivated! Develop a support system of people who will cheer you on and encourage your progress. (Hire a coach to keep you on track and encouraged!)

2. Fill your mind with inspirational material. Read THIS blog DAILY! Read inspired books, articles, and personal stories that give you goosebumps. Watch inspirational movies, talks, or vlogs that will keep your spirits up. Fill yourself with stories about people winning, achieving, overcoming, and succeeding. Avoid all negative media, hype, and fear mongering.... in other words the "news."

3. Keep your dreams and ideas at the forefront of your thinking. Never become complacent about your dreams and desires. The moment you say "ehhh, it's no big deal, I don't really care if it happens" you have LOST your edge! Do not drop the ball on what you want to accomplish. Post pictures that represent your dream everywhere so you constantly see them. Leave notes with positive quotes and reminders everywhere. Talk, blog, text, facebook, tweet, and post about your goal/dream and let everyone know that you won't be derailed. 

If fear does get a hold of you, refer to these 3 tips. Call a supportive friend or coach, read your favorite inspirational book or blog posts, and look around at the many inspirational anchors you have hung or posted. The more inspiration you let in, the less room fear will have in your life. Stay positive, stay inspired, stay focused on your dreams and Live Inspired Now!

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