Friday, November 1, 2013

Guest Blogger: Karen Comitto Beijer

Three years ago I needed a colonoscopy at the age of 39. Well below the normal age of 50. They found 4 precancerous polyps and removed them. I would or could have been one of those women at age 50 who had silent colon cancer...and it may have been too late. I have had candida issues and immune issues for a long time. I had always wondered if all of these things were connected.
I started selling Arbonne, a little over a year ago. Arbonne means "from the earth". We carry skin care and nutritional wellness products that are vegan, botanical, gluten free, trans fat free, cholesterol free, paraben free, mineral oil free etc. This lead me into a whole other world about the foods I put in my body and my families bodies!
I watched the following documentaries: Genetic Roulette, Forks over Knives, Vegucated, Fat sick and nearly dead, A Beautiful Life, and started reading Dr. Fuhrmans book Eat to LIve. I started buying all organic fruits and veggies and cooking differently.
Last December I decided to take out meat, dairy, gluten, caffeine and see how my body responded. Some or all of these foods would usually mess with my candida issues and cause stomach issues/diarrhea.
In 10 months, I have only had two stomach issues....and that's because I strayed from my diet.This is a huge improvement!!! I have since taken out alcohol as well.
I have to say that in all honestly, I can't say I am a total vegan or vegetarian. I would say I am more of a nutritarian...I eat clean 80-90% of the time and cheat the other percent.
Changing all of these things sounds drastic, but I know my body and I know how it responds. It has been so educational and much so that my friend Julie and I are writing a cookbook. See, not only has it improved my stomach issues, but it has also increased my libido, it has helped my complexion, it has improved my sleep, and I have gotten off of my prilosec, and my restless leg meds. I know when i stray from my diet now, i will probably get sick...and i like to avoid that at all costs! I am in charge!

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