Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hypnotize YOURSELF!

Everyone has been hypnotized! Don't believe me? Have you ever sang along to a song in the car that you could never sing unless it were playing? Have you ever driven home and not remembered the actual drive because you were lost in thought? How about the times when you reacted to an old problem that wasn't a problem anymore just because you remembered it? We are ALL in a state of trance, more often than not! It is natural and normal and even a good thing, if you use it correctly! The best part is that we can TRAIN ourselves to create positive trances that will improve our lives and help us reach our goals.

Milton Erickson said "You can pretend anything and master it!" This is especially true with happiness! You learned to live the way you're currently living. You might have learned to be negative, or pessimistic, in the past.  In the same way, you can learn to be happy and positive simply by creating habits that empower you!

Create positive new outlooks by practicing meditation and relaxation; question any beliefs that harm you, and model others positive choices and behavior. Our perceptions create our behavior. That means, what we think about a situation determines how we act or react to it.... and we could be wrong! For example: you might react and get angry to a car that cuts you off, only to discover that the driver of the car was rushing their mother to the hospital because she wasn't breathing. You just never know whats going on... you can only use your perception to make an assumption. Is it time to change some of your common assumptions?

When you become aware, and create more positive patterns, you free yourself from the prison of anger, resentment, jealousy, pain, irritability, and overreacting to things beyond your control. It is time to create some healthy trance states so your unconscious reactions are beneficial and helpful to your life. Set yourself up for success, enjoy fulfillment and happiness, and Live Inspired Now!

***Please contact me if you are ready to create your own happiness. With new patterns of thought, you create new patterns of behavior that will enable your success! By working together with you, I will give you the tools you need to create the inspired life you have always dreamed of!***

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