Friday, August 30, 2013

Do YOU do this behind closed doors too?

Have you ever been so frustrated that you go behind closed doors just to catch your breath? Or maybe you go there to cry, yell, or swear?

There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to "discharge" your negative emotions, in fact, it's healthy to do so! It is healthy, but not always practical; especially if you are at work, or with young people. So what do you do?

Go into a room, close the door, then let it all out! Cry, scream, swear, make obscene gestures, make faces or even punch a pillow, but get that frustration out. You will be surprised at how good it feels and then you can go on with your day. This is a great stress reliever, especially for Moms! We all love our kids but let's face it, sometimes you really want to research boarding schools!

Or if you are at work and your boss is very demanding, you can always go to the restroom to get a moment. While there, text your spouse, or give your boss the middle finger behind the closed stall door. Whatever it takes, but get those frustrations out in a non confrontational way. This will alleviate your own stress, help you maintain your composure when you simply can't blow up, and it might even make you laugh some!

The last time I flipped the bird to someone behind closed doors, I ended up laughing hysterically and felt much better all day! So if you find yourself completely irritated by bored kids, obnoxious bosses, or any other Frustrating Franks, go behind closed doors, take a deep breath, flip them off, make faces, and Live Inspired Now!

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