Monday, August 5, 2013

The lesson in break-ups...

Don't hold on too your lover so tightly that they feel smothered or stalked. If you trust them, then allow them to be the person you fell in love with. If you don't trust them, then you should evaluate whether or not you should remain in the relationship.

Many relationships fail when one partner is held "too loosely" which means they feel like they are not cared for. If you don't make time to show your special person how much you love and care for them, they will eventually get their needs met in other ways. Don't forget to show them you love them each and ever day.

Take care of your relationship, the person you love should be your priority. For my younger readers, please understand that you are meant to go through break ups because it teaches you how to have a successful relationship in the future. My teenage clients tend to put more love and attention into their relationships than adults do because they are often less afraid of being vulnerable which makes it much more painful when the relationship ends. Please remind the young people in your life that it is normal and OK for them to experience some heart break but help them see the lesson in each relationship. If they don't learn lessons then they are likely to keep having the same problem over and over with each new relationship. We all know adults like that... the ones who say "Every relationship I have ever had has been like this..." or "Every guy I meet ends up being exactly the same." This is because they are hopping to the next partner without learning the lesson of the break up.

Experience is invaluable, learn from it, cherish your relationships and Live Inspired Now!

Heather Paris
Inspired Life Coach | Author | Speaker

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