Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kick the "can't" to the curb!

Oh man, I am so sore today! Thad and I took a free introductory kickboxing class last night. It was AWESOME! I really loved it! Not only was it great exercise, but it felt really great to learn some self defense techniques too. Not that I have ever needed them, but it does feel very empowering to know that you can defend yourself should the need ever arise. I also felt very relaxed afterwards. I can't tell you how much stress just melted right off while pummeling the bag. Oh... also, we got to pummel these sand bag people. It was hysterical! The sand bag man is on the floor, you straddle it and beat the crap out of it! Thad and I felt a little awkward at first but we soon got very into it! lol. I told Thad to take out his angst about the goats breaking into the chicken coop all day long, and then he was really beating that sand man up! It was so much fun. We had a great time together, burned many calories, and got to do something healthy and fun!
Clear YOUR mind of "can't." Empower yourself with some martial arts... there are many more besides kickboxing. You won't believe how powerful it feels to learn to protect yourself and be responsible for your own fitness! Check out a martial arts studio in your area, most of them offer a free introductory class. Try it out, empower yourself, have fun, and Live Inspired Now!

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