Monday, August 12, 2013

Can you give me a hand?

You are more powerful than you think! Your hands are proof of this.  Your hands pick up your baby when he is learning to walk. Your hands hold your partner's hand when you walk down the aisle after saying, "I do." Your hands wash the blood from many cut knees. Your hands wipe the tears away from a bullied child's cheek. Your hands cover your eyes when you are too afraid to look. Your hands caress a lover and made them feel important. Your hands steer the car that delivers your family safely to the mall. Your hands gently gather broken objects and put them back together. Your hands swing the hammer that builds the new table. Your hands clean the dishes that you use on pizza Fridays. Your hands rub your partners feet when they are sore after working all day. Your hands create the arts and crafts that everyone admires. Your hands communicate when words are not an option. Your hands pet your animals so they know they are loved. Your hands slap high fives in encouragement of others. Your hands give a pat on the back. Your hands pull your loved one close.
You are more powerful than you think.... today, lend a hand and Live Inspired Now!

Thank you to Monique B for the gorgeous artwork and the inspiration! 

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