Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hey Mrs Rude... did you forget your manners or just never learn them?

I really think I was born in the wrong era. I am very old fashioned and I often wonder why manners aren't taught in school. Is it just me or does anyone else remember not being allowed to yell or scream while we were in public? A few weeks ago I was at Wal-Mart and a women was repeatedly yelling and calling her young son an idiot. There were people shopping in their pajamas, and still others who would nearly knock you over rather than say "excuse me" as they pass by.

OK, you all know that Thad and I can get pretty silly while we are out shopping, however, we always use manners and are respectful of others. In fact, generally we can be found helping elderly people find items, or assisting disabled shoppers when they drop or can't reach something.
Meanwhile, I stand in line while other shoppers huff and puff to dramatically express their irritation at the person who dares to take "too long" to check out.

What happened to good old fashioned manners? The other day, after my Toastmasters speech in Ithaca, I received a "Thank You" note in the mail. The real mail, like, in the mail box! The card expressed gratitude that I took the time to come and speak at their club. It was SO lovely! I haven't received an old fashioned "thank you" in a long time! That was classy!

It is unfortunate that good manners sets you apart from the rest; being polite should be the norm but it isn't. So my dear readers, if you want to stand out and be noticed, be polite. If you want your children to stand out from the crowd and be leaders, teach them good manners and to be respectful. Teach them that NOT everyone wants to hear about what their boyfriend did last night, or that they have to get rechecked at the doctor, while they blab away on their cell phones.  OHHHH, and while I am at it, please tell the young ladies in your life not to take "selfies" in the bathroom! Why do young people think its attractive to have a photo with a toilet in the background? OK, again... that might just be my pet peeve, but I think it's valid. I could go on for days, but I won't.
Today, let's create change by being the best example of good manners and politeness and Live Inspired Now!

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