Friday, August 23, 2013

I want to be a "hugger!"

Growing up, we weren't "huggers." Hugs were pretty much reserved for tragedy, so when you got a hug, it was because something bad happened. As an adult, I wanted to be a "hugger." I thought it was so nice to see how loving some families were. They hugged over everything like it was no big deal! I noticed families that even hugged EVERY day, for NO reason at all! I wanted to be like that too.

When I had children I vowed to hug them and I turned myself into a "hugger" as well. Now I love hugs! My kids are all big now so hugs are kind of "embarrassing" so I try to reserve them for at home instead of on the sidewalk at school, directly in front of all their friends. ;)

Hugs have amazing benefits. They create a bond, they satisfy a natural need for human touch, they boost mood enhancing brain chemicals, relaxes tension, and hugs create a sense of security.

Have you hugged your loved ones today? I am off to do that right now! So go hug your spouse, kids, friends, or pets, and Live Inspired Now!

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