Friday, June 28, 2013

You can thrive in chaos if you.........

My whirlwind life has not slowed down at all.... lately, busier than ever! Summer is here, 4 kids at home and we are in the process of moving to a new home. I have been thinking a lot lately about the process of getting things done and how stressful it can be... if we let it. Hectic doesn't have to mean unhappy. You can survive and even thrive in chaos if you get your attitude straight about it. So in the midst of moving, MOMMMM....., dog surgery, new goats arriving, MOM I NEED THIS......., packing, cleaning, MOM I NEED THAT........, serving clients, laundry, MOM MY FAVORITE SHIRT IS AT THE NEW HOUSE........, driving kids around, organizing and donating, working with my book publisher......... OK OK... you get it... it's busy! lol. All that chaos would have killed me years ago but I am doing pretty well staying present and enjoying the process.

As I pack, I think about being one step closer to living in my new dream home with my family. As the kids beckon me, I think about how much space they will have once we have moved. As the dog recovers, I think about all the acres he will have to run around on. As I drive to see clients, I think about the new home office that will allow me to see clients in my home. My mantra these days is "Enjoy the process; otherwise, you are living for the future and missing the present." The process has become much more enjoyable knowing that I am happy in the present while I am working toward something in the future!

If you are doing something you just can't enjoy, acknowledge it but stay present in the process, knowing that it leads you to something better. The process of getting to your next goal or step in life is often more fun than arriving so enjoy the process and Live Inspired Now!

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