Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A lesson from Grandma Bea...

My Grandma Bea used to say "Every day that I wake up and have a dollar for a cup of coffee and gas money... I am good!" She loved to wake up early each day and drive to the cafe to have a coffee with her friends; she did this until her last day. I loved hanging out with my Grandma because she was crazy!! lol. She knew how to have fun, she made the most of every moment, and she was never embarrassed to be herself. I always admired her and probably got some of my zest for life from her.
My grandma loved extravagant furnishings... gold wall paper and white furry rugs. She also loved to drive and never missed a chance to take a road trip... long or short.

What have you always wanted to do? What excuse is holding you back and are you ready to let go of it yet? The fact is, the only guarantee in life is death so make the most of it while you can! What have you been saying "no" to? What have you been too embarrassed to try or wear? LIVE IT UP MY FRIENDS!!! Take a lesson from my Grandma.... live life to the fullest and never let anyone tell you what you should wear, say, think, believe, feel, or do!

Today, I am off to finish painting my office. I am entering a painting contest and my office wall is my creative submission. My wall has hot pink, black, the word INSPIRE, waves and stripes... and, why not! I LOVE it... so what if it's a little bold! (I will post a picture here when it's done.)
So today... I hope you will be creative or do something you have always been too shy to try or too intimidated to pull off. Life is short, live and play like it's you last day! Do things you love, enjoy every magic moment and Live Inspired Now!

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