Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ME time....

Don't forget to take some "ME" time to replenish yourself. School is ending for most people, summer is here and things are 'bout to get crazy!' lol. I don't know about you but the past 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind for us! Our family traveled to Rhode Island for my oldest daughter and nephews graduations. My daughter also enlisted in the Air Force while we were there. My 11 year olds are about to turn 12 and they just graduated from elementary school. We have another graduation this week as well as packing, painting, and moving to the new house. Our dog also had surgery so we are helping him recover through all the chaos! Oh my goodness...... it is a very busy summer so far and it just got started! Personally, I thrive in chaos but if you are the type who needs more certainty or routine, this can feel extremely overwhelming which is why it's so important to take "ME" time!
Thad and I are remembering to take time for ourselves. Thad's birthday was this past weekend as well as our wedding anniversary. We made time to celebrate our special day with an overnight getaway and a romantic dinner cruise. You have to make time for yourself to get away and replenish.
It is vitally important to "fill your cup" and let everyone else have what flows over the edge... everything inside is for YOU. If you don't replenish, you will feel drained and taken advantage of. If you don't reconnect as a couple, you will feel distant and lonely. You have to make ME/US time always.... a few minutes every single day, a few hours per week and a few days per month.
Today, the 3 Goddesses are having a special broadcast about "ME time!" We will be on spreecast today at 12:00 eastern, please join us. You will learn the benefits of taking time for yourself as well as HOW to make time for yourself with a hectic schedule. So today, please join us, learn how to make "ME" time for yourself and Live Inspired Now!

If you can't make it today at noon, please click the link anytime after the broadcast and you can watch the replay! 

'We are bringing ME TIME back' with the 3 Goddesses on Spreecast!

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