Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspired action..... how to get what YOU want!

My great grandmother used to say, "Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which you get first!" Grandma was right! Yesterday I spoke about manifesting the things you are dreaming about and today I am speaking about INSPIRED action! You can have all the dreams or "wishes" you want but if you don't take inspired action, you are likely to never get them. I often hear of people wishing for this or that and then learn that they spend their days on the couch watching TV. They either expect a magic fairy to deliver their wishes or they don't actually expect to get anything they wish for.

Inspired actions are those little things that we decide to do that are outside of our comfort zone, are not part of the norm, or come from a "gut" instinct. Like when you decide to go to work on your day off and you end up getting a promotion. Or when you decide to say, "yes" to a party and you end up meeting your soul mate. Or, how about when you take the time to talk to someone you don't know well and they end up becoming your business partner. None of those examples could have ever taken place without ACTION. Try saying yes to new experiences and meeting new people. Inspired action always brings us closer to our dreams, goals, or wishes but we have to be willing to say yes when opportunities present themselves.

I love the old story about the man who was drowning and God told him he would save him. The man refused help from 3 boats that went by because he was waiting for God to save him. As he took his last breath of air he asked God why he never saved him and God said, "I tried, I sent 3 boats."
Don't sit around "wishing" for things to happen, make them happen and accept opportunities as they come! Don't miss your boat by sitting around wishing for one! Take inspired action, enjoy every moment, and Live Inspired Now!

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