Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chill the frig out....

If you make a decision, give yourself permission to be OK with what you have decided. If you are in turmoil over your decision, that may be an indication that you made the wrong choice. You can always make a new choice but when you do, allow yourself to accept it and move forward. Don't stay in a bad relationship because you are unwilling to make a decision. Don't settle for what you don't want because you are afraid to speak up. Don't teach your kids to live small by your example because you are afraid to shine your own light. Stop putting off decisions because you are afraid. Make a decision and be OK with it, right or wrong. Sometimes even the wrong decisions we make, lead us to better things. So today, make some decisions and make peace with them. If you make the wrong choice, change it and keep moving forward. Life happens... right or wrong, good or bad... so make peace with it, realize everything will turn out OK in the end and Live Inspired Now!
( In summary: Chill the frig out! lol )

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