Friday, June 7, 2013

Learn how to cleanse YOUR karma!

During my errand-filled day yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to help someone. When I was walking to my car from a store, I noticed an older woman kind of checking me out as she walked down the street. As I got into my car she approached me and in very broken English asked for money. I think she said something like "I need to buy a ticket, can you give me a dollar" or something to that effect. I have no idea what "ticket" she needed or really why she needed the money and I usually don't have any cash on me but I wanted to help. I had a little money in the console of my car so I reached for some cash and handed it to her and said "many blessings to you!"
As all of this is going on, a man was sitting in his truck next to us watching the entire thing unfold. I saw him rolling his eyes at the old woman and looking at me as if I was being taken advantage of. Just after giving her the cash I heard a voice say "Shes probably going to buy booze!"
I kindly turned and smiled and said "Maybe, but that is her karma, and this is mine" and I drove off.
We are only responsible for our actions and no act done is kindness or compassion is ever wasted. When an opportunity presents itself to help someone or something, take it, enjoy how great it feels to give to others and Live Inspired Now.

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