Monday, June 3, 2013

Learn the easiest way to achieve your dreams....

Dreams and aspirations are created from emotions. We all have things we want to achieve in this world; they give us emotions that make us feel good. That is why we want them. Those emotions can come from wanting the "thing" you desire just as much as if you actually had it. The more you embrace these feel-good emotions, sometimes called "vibrations", the closer you will come to actually achieving your dream! You should live and breath your dreams, keep those feelings and emotions resonating all the time so you will manifest what you want. Put pictures of what you want in prominent places all around your space, have an action plan with steps toward your dreams, and talk about it like it is already happening! For example, when Thad and I wanted to find our dream home, we put pictures of homes in our offices, I had a house on my vision board that represented all that we wanted, we looked online at homes, we talked as if we were moving, and the Universe led us to our dream home! If we had just passively said, "Maybe someday we will move," it would not have had the impact of "pack your bags kids, we are moving!" Emotions guide us through life; we base our decisions on how we feel about things. Assigning good emotions can launch us towards the point where we want to be and can be done in a short amount of time. Put some real spunk behind what you want, take a risk, use powerful feeling words, and be ready for what will come!
Emotions are extremely powerful, they can either make you feel amazing or horrible. Be sure to attach amazing, feel-great emotions to your dreams or goals. Take your life to the next level, never settle for mediocrity, let happiness guide you, and Live Inspired Now!

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