Sunday, June 30, 2013

Change YOUR view...

The sooner we realize that we control nothing in this world except ourselves, the sooner we find happiness! People spend so much time in their personal relationships trying to change other people. Trying to change the feelings of their lover, wishing their boss would be more appreciative, attempting to prove to co-workers that they know better, manipulating friends out of guilt, or even using emotional blackmail against children or parents. NONE of these behaviors will truly change another person, it will however damage or in many cases, sever the relationship.
If you don't like the way things look, change the way YOU look at them. You are the only person responsible for the way you view things and the way you treat other people. If you are constantly trying to change others, you can't truly appreciate them. Change the way you look at things, find ways to appreciate and encourage. Find ways to look at things in a new light, with a new perspective. You have a lot to offer the world and so does everyone else. If you can't find a way to appreciate another person, walk away, it is not your responsibility to change them. Change the way you look at the world, find ways to be appreciative and Live Inspired Now!

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