Friday, January 3, 2014

Young ladies under 18, especially under 15:

Dear Young Ladies,

Do you know what it means to "jump the gun"? This saying refers to a runner who starts the race before the starting gun fires. The runner is then dis-qualified and kicked out of the race for starting too early.

Would you take an opportunity to "jump the gun?"

What if someone offered you Christmas early? Would you take it? Say I could offer you Christmas today, months and months before anyone else. You would get great presents, yummy food, special attention, but you would be the only one. Then, when Christmas comes around for real, you would get nothing, and would not be able to participate. You would have to watch as others enjoyed the holiday together, without you. Would you take that if it were offered to you?

Ladies, we are often temped to engage in things too early. In fact, many of you will contemplate "jumping the gun" in your relationships. Many girls do this because it feels good to be "wanted" or "needed." However, the truth is, that when you get too involved when you are too young, you risk jumping the gun on something that would be far more special if you waited to share it.

Having intimate relationships when you are in your early teens might get you attention now, but you will lose out in the long run. The attention you get now from a 13 year old boy will NEVER compare to that of a loving, committed man when you are older. Please don't trade tomorrow's happiness for today's comfort.

You do NOT need a boyfriend to prove that you are worthy. You do NOT need someone to like you in order to like yourself. You do NOT need "likes" on your facebook selfie to prove you are pretty. You do NOT need to show your body to get attention. You are loving, caring, worthy, beautiful, smart, talented, funny, and impressive young ladies and you deserve the best... just because you are YOU! No matter what grades you get, no matter how many friends you have, no matter how many tweets get shared, no matter where you live, no matter what you look like, no matter your size... no matter what.... YOU MATTER!

So my dear young ladies, your time will come; don't jump the gun. It is absolutely OK to like boys, to talk about boys, and to have age appropriate relationships. But avoid getting into sexual or intimate relationships too early. Wait and be excited about what's to come when you get older, enjoy the milestones of your youth, make lasting friendships and Live Inspired Now.

PS: If you need help, please message me today! You can find me on facebook as Inspired Heather Paris, or you can email me at: Even if you have "jumped the gun" in some area of your life, you can recreate your innocence. You are not broken, messed up, or damaged. Contact me for help and start thinking more highly of yourself... because YOU matter!
PPS: Parents, if you are concerned about your daughter, please reach out. I help young people learn self worth, self confidence, and self love. Don't wait until it's too late, get help now if your child is in crisis.

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