Monday, January 13, 2014

Do you make it safe for your partner to be honest with you?

Have you made it safe enough for your lover to be completely and totally honest with you? If you have read my book, you know that I believe honesty is a keystone in relationships. There is never an excuse for a partner to lie, or be dishonest, period. However, you also must ensure you are making it safe for your partner to be that open.

I often hear that one spouse doesn't feel they can be honest because of the storm that will ensue if they are. It's as if they are partnered with their parent, or their boss, as opposed to a mate, lover, partner, or spouse. I hear that they will lie just because it is "easier" than telling the truth. It is "easier" than being yelled at, ridiculed, belittled, or abused. THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP FOLKS!

Be your partners BIGGEST fan! Let them know that they are safe to express whatever they are thinking, feeling, or needing. Create a relationship that offers complete honesty, love, non-judgement, and support for one another and you will create a relationship that cannot be broken. The bond of honesty, trust, and true friendship can withstand any type of chaos!

Make sure your partner knows that it is safe to say things like: "I really don't want to be around your parents, can we come up with an alternative?" or "I was really mad when you texted me about XYZ. Let's talk about it because I don't want to start resenting you." or "I am feeling disconnected with you and I would like to do something together to get back on track." or even "So and so flirted with me at work, I ignored it and walked away but wanted you to know so it didn't seem like I was keeping something from you." If your partner can express these types of things to you, without feeling afraid of what you will do, you will have a very strong and honest relationship!

An exceptional relationship enjoys honest communication, deep connection, and true acceptance of one another. Today, be sure your partner knows it is safe to be honest. If they don't, start creating healthier habits in your relationship and Live Inspired Now!

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