Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recognize good customer service!

Last week I was at my local grocery store searching for soft tofu for a new recipe. Thad and I searched everywhere but could only find firm tofu. I found a young lady working in that department and asked her where I might find more tofu. She said she didn't know and walked away. That was it. No trying to help find it, no asking another employee. Nothing. So Thad and I continued to search on our own.

I met another store employee in a different department. "Excuse me sir, there is no soft tofu in the organic department, do you know where else it might be?" I asked. Well the response from this young man was much different! "Oh, hang on, let me go check!" and he ran around to a few different spots looking for my tofu. He returned quickly to state he couldn't find it, but was now going to check in back and ask a manager, so I waited. When "Johnny" returned, he apologized because he still couldn't find any but told me of 2 other stores in the area where I might find it. Now that was customer service!

I thanked him and marched straight up to the customer service desk. I asked the girl behind the counter for a customer comment card but like the soft tofu, they were out of those as well. I asked to leave feedback and she kindly wrote it down. I told her about how Johnny in the dairy department had gone out of his way to look for soft tofu and although the store was out, he was extremely helpful and made me feel taken care of. I never mentioned the first girl who did nothing.

In today's times, we barely get customer service so it's vital that we appreciate it when it happens! Most stores have turned to computers... Thad and I even ate at a restaurant in which you ordered and paid for everything on an iPad and the server only delivered it to your table. I am sure if they could get conveyor belts, the server would have been gone too! lol. Anyway... take time to recognize great service! A positive comment card could mean a great deal to the employee, maybe a raise, a promotion, and praise from the boss! So please make time to pay a service person a compliment, and Live Inspired Now!

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