Thursday, January 16, 2014

Did you un-learn happiness too?

Today I am off to Syracuse to teach two workshops titled "6 Easy Steps To Happiness" followed by book signings. I am pretty excited and have been preparing for a couple of days. During my preparations, I have been thinking about "teaching happiness" and the fact that there is a growing need for such a thing. People (and I was one of them) need to learn how to be happy again.

We are born fully equipped to be happy forever but through the process of growing and learning, we "UN-learn" how to be happy and joyful like a child. Growth is natural but growing cynical is not. That is something done to us by parents, teachers, media, friends, experience, and all other influences. So much so that we end up having to relearn how to be happy. Happiness is a choice. A choice that too many of us trade for security or comfort.

If you are unhappy, or not feeling fulfilled in life, find your bliss again! Please, read my book, read my blog, read any transformational material you can find and get your life back! Your time on earth is uncertain; Make the most of what you have and appreciate it while you have it. Reach out to those you love, do things that bring you great joy, try new things, and take some risks. Don't settle for mediocrity: live, love, play, sing, smile, laugh, skip, dance, call, speak up, kiss, hug, run, taste, listen, and take every opportunity to truly enjoy life! Then teach your kids to do the same so later in life, they won't have to take a class to remember how to choose happiness!

“People often sit for hours, even days, contemplating the meaning of life. I think it’s pretty simple; life is about being happy and being happy is about living inspired, loving fully, and being true to who you are. Choose happiness and Live Inspired Now!” -Heather Paris

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