Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today... I need YOUR help!

This was a few years ago, my friend Carrie and I at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. And although it appears we might be at a rock concert, we were actually there to see the Dalai Lama! Carrie and I had so much fun! We piled into the stadium with everyone else, it was cold, we were tired, and we could barely hear from where we were sitting high up in the stadium, but we had a great time! Carrie and I have been friends since the mid 80's, we met in 9th grade in Romulus, NY and we remained friends throughout the years. We did have some arguments and stop talking here and there, but we always seemed to come back together, and it is always like no time has passed when we talk.

My friend Carrie is now facing the biggest challenge of her life. I will let you read the story in her own words on her site, but basically she is trying to heal herself from cancer. She has decided to take the holistic approach and I want to support her efforts. Holistic care is not covered by insurance so it all comes out of pocket and I would like to ask for your help! Carrie has a page set up to accept donations. Please consider visiting Carrie's page, reading her story, making a donation, and sending loving thoughts and vibes to her and her family.

Here is a link to help: Carrie Norton; Alternative Cancer Treatments

Thank you so much for your help!

With deep gratitude,

Heather Paris

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