Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Got a big decision to make?

Next time you have a big decision to make, ask yourself something: Will this bring temporary pleasure or long lasting joy?

Sometimes, temporary pleasure is OK. But, often we make large, life changing decisions based on the pleasure we receive in a moment. The comfort or pleasure of having an intimate encounter, or hitting the gas to blow past your friend on the highway, or even the insult you offered that "taught them a lesson." They may seem insignificant in the moment, but can have a much larger impact after the initial pleasure has worn off.

Think about the decisions you make, opt for the choices that offer long lasting joy. Please have some fun and do things that are pleasurable in the moment, but make sure they don't come at the expense of your long term dreams or desires. The restraint you show now may yield much greater success and joy in your future!

Consider temporary pleasure vs long lasting joy in your decision making and Live Inspired Now!

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