Monday, December 16, 2013

What makes humans the happiest?

If you have some extra cash, put it in an envelope and give it to someone in need. If you don't have extra to give then make something to share. If you don't have extra to share, then offer kind words. There is always something we can give to others to brighten their day, and to feed our souls.

I truly believe that we as humans are happiest when we are helping, giving, or serving others. Someone I know posted a charity chart on facebook yesterday. It told how much money actually goes to those in need when you donate it to charities. Some gave 100% of what they received but others gave little or even none! Supporting your favorite charity is wonderful but you don't have to go through an organization. You can just find someone in need, and give to them directly. If you are not comfortable doing that, then drop an anonymous check in the mail, or even a box full of goodies from Santa! You could even have a friend that doesn't know the recipient deliver for you.

There are many ways to give, help, support, or serve others and I promise that the feeling you get from doing so is amazing! It is like a natural high so get the whole family involved if you can. Teach your kids to be generous. Give money, food, time, encouragement, hugs, or love.... give from the heart, and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Buy an extra autographed copy of my book and share with someone who is going through challenging times! Live Inspired Now; A Field Guide For Happiness will brighten your friends day and make you feel GREAT for sharing! I will be happy to send to your recipient on your behalf or anonymously. ;)

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