Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to destroy any relationship!

Unexpressed emotions lead to anger. Anger turns to resentment. Resentment kills relationships. People come to me all the time saddled with heavy emotional baggage that they have been carrying around for far too many years. Their relationships are suffering and they feel angry all the time but, don't really know why. People use anger as a "go to" emotion for a multitude of reasons. Often times, this is because they don't feel safe expressing sadness; they think it is a weakness. Or, because they don't want to say something and "rock the boat."

In order to maintain long term, happy relationships, you must make time to express your true feelings. I would add, that you must allow your partner to feel safe enough to be completely honest. Feelings or emotions that go unresolved will always lead to resentment if you don't find an outlet to discharge. Talk open and honestly with the people in your life, if you don't feel safe enough to do that, then perhaps you should re-think the relationship.

For example:
Your spouse makes a rude comment that they thought was funny and not meant to be hurtful.
It hurts your feelings but you say nothing.
The spouse learns (by your silence) that this is an acceptable way to joke and continues.
With every joke you feel more sad, hurt, targeted, isolated, frustrated, until it all turns to anger.
You are re-stimulated and remember ALL the rude comments every person ever made to you.
Your anger becomes overwhelming until you lash out.
A fight ensues (usually with a topic other than the original comment).

This could have been avoided if you expressed that your feelings were hurt by the first rude comment.

For example:
Your spouse makes a rude comment that they thought was funny and not meant to be hurtful.
It hurts your feelings and you express it: "I know you didn't mean to, but that comment actually hurt my feelings."
Your spouse gets the opportunity to apologize and make things right.

Expressing your feelings before they turn into anger is the key! You might not always get the response you wish for in exchange for your openness, but you will be able to leave the baggage behind you and know that you didn't let yourself down by failing to acknowledge your feelings. When you express your feelings, you unconsciously acknowledge and validate yourself as a person of worth.

So today, don't let emotions go unexpressed. Boost your self worth, strengthen your relationships by saying what you feel, and Live Inspired Now!

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