Monday, December 9, 2013

9 Ways To be More "Likeable"

I am all for "being yourself," and being true to who you are. However, if you are having a hard time connecting with people, or maintaining relationships, then perhaps there are some personality tweaks that you can make that might help people relate to you better. Sometimes, we put people off without even realizing it and by following these helpful tips you will notice a big difference in your interactions. People may be more drawn to you, or perhaps long time friends will notice a real change in your energy and how they feel when they are around you! Give these a try and create deeper relationships with people in your life!

9 Ways To Be More Likeable: 

1 Like yourself! If you don't put much value in who you are, neither will anyone else. Take care of yourself, your health, and your surroundings. No one will ever treat you worse than you treat yourself. You set the standard for what you accept, be sure you have a high enough standard!

2 Get your attitude in check grumpy! People do not like to be around someone who is always angry, cranky, or complaining about things... well except other people who are angry, cranky, or always complaining. Gratitude is one of the best ways to get rid of the grumpies. Focus on the things you have to be grateful for, start with waking up today and go through a list of all your blessings.

3 Chill out and allow other people to manage their own lives! I know, I know.... other people are doing things that annoy you, or they are doing things wrong and you know how to fix them. Well guess what? It is NOT your responsibility so let it go! How much easier would your life become if you only had to worry about living your life and not others? Let other people experience and learn from their own journey.

4 Compliment others and appreciate a job well done! If you notice someone doing a good job, take a moment to compliment them. People are drawn to others who make them feel good. Make time to recognize even small things... a co-worker's new haircut, or a child's completed project. Say something nice!

5 Smile!
You don't have to plaster a fake smile on that never comes off. Just smile when someone walks by. If you are the type of person where people are always asking you "what's wrong," then you may just need to smile more. You might be perfectly content but your body language is sending different signals. Make an effort to smile at people so they know you are approachable.

6 Listen!  Too many people think about what they are going to say next rather than actually listening. People like to be truly heard, so truly listen! You don't always have to "solve" the problem, just show you care by being fully present and listening to the other person.

7 Don't gossip! Everyone knows, if you talk about other people, you will also talk about me when I walk away. Nobody likes a gossip so don't say anything about another person that you wouldn't say in front of that person.

8 Don't take that tone! It is not just what you say, but how you say it.Take note of how you use your voice. Do you sound sarcastic, annoyed, indifferent, mad, or unsure? The words mean far less than the tone you use to say it.

9 Love who you are with! People like people who like people! If you genuinely like the people you are with, it will show. If you can't like them, at least find some common ground that you can appreciate. Maybe you can appreciate that you like the same football team, or that you have kids that are similar ages. You can always find something to appreciate if you just take the time to notice.

Relationships are the most important factor to a quality life, so be sure to have quality relationships. Try to connect with more people on a deeper level and Live Inspired Now!

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