Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Replace one phrase and see what happens....

What words do you say habitually? What phrases do you repeat over and over? Are these words and phrases creating anything positive or strengthening in your life? Are they teaching your children to be empowered and confident? You can always make a change, you can always practice replacing the negative with positive. Like any habit, it takes time, but you can handle it!

Here are some of the positive things I say often and on a daily basis:

"God bless!" - to the kids before bed.
"What's good?" - instead of "How are you?"
"I love you!" - not just to family, but to my friends also.
"I'm excited!" - instead of "I'm nervous."
"I know you can handle it!" - instead of telling people what to do.

Words only have power if you believe them and what you tell yourself or your kids... you believe. So replace the negative and limiting words with more empowering words. Words can make things better, so use them optimally! Create more positive verbal habits, even if it is replacing only one negative phrase with a positive at a time, and Live Inspired Now!

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